Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coming out of the Closet

I'm really struggling with my writing, like I never have before.  
I'm terrified of talking about my faith ---- 
and yet it's everything to me.  
How do you get people to understand how big 
and how un-be-lieve-able-ly 
it changes everything in life?
How do you get people to understand how, 
if they just pay a little attention they will quickly see
that every moment in each of our lives is uniquely designed
in a most wonder-filled way?  
How do you write about that without sounding trite? 
I know it's possible.  I'm just facing a wall of fear right now.
Mostly about what people will think about my faith.  
My God is real, and he is present in every moment.
I have no doubt.
I have plenty of real life examples to prove it.
I have to share them with you,
because something in me won't let me not.
So, for example, before I knew I was coming to Colorado for the summer, I asked God if it would be possible for me to have a hiking trail right outside of my back door.
Next thing I know, I have a summer job that includes an employer-provided campsite, and wouldn't you know it, right outside of my back door is a beautiful hiking trail.
Coincidence you say?  
Well, maybe. 
When I was a younger believer, I responded the same way.
However, consider this.
My campsite -- the one that is provided by my employer -- is smack dab in the middle of a National Park.
Oh, and one more thing. That National Park also happens to be a WORLD Heritage Site.
AND, as if that wasn't enough, free laundry and wi-fi are included with the campsite.

Now, can you really call that coincidence?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Attitude is Everything.

I shaved my cat yesterday.
Cat grooming is as common as dog grooming in Arizona where she and I have lived for most of our life together. It's been an annual ritual between us for about 8 years now.
Both of us appreciate the perks of her spring shave.  She absolutely, clearly, communicates how proud she is of her new naked self, and I don't have to deal with gooey hairballs and other assorted remnants of the shedding process.
This year, with our move to Colorado for the summer,  I put it off, thinking that she might need that a winter coat for some chilly -- or even snowy, April nights.
We've had a few cool nights since we arrived, but not cold enough for Cat to hold on to her fur.  oh my!  Every day, and every night, she's pulling at her belly hair, you know, the really soft stuff, that comes out in tuffs?  Yes, that's it, all gooed up with cat saliva and tossed wherever she may be seated at the time.
 This year she's obviously miffed that I haven't taken care of her personal care in a more timely matter.  And, this year I am amazed at how much additional cleaning time I've had to put into the coach just to compensate for her molting.
So, yesterday I put an end to both of our miseries. I oiled up the ol' clippers, had me a set on the picnic bench outside the motor coach, grabbed my kitty, and sheered her clean in about 15 minutes.  I think that's a new record.
And certainly the way she has responded is setting a new record too.  She is proud and spunky, more this year than ever.  Finally, I have tended to my responsibilities as a cat's servant, and have set our world right again.
So, her she is.

Hah!  Surprise!  You thought you were going to see some adorably cute pet, didn't you?  Look at her, with her belly hanging low, and that mottled skin!

She's practically down-right ugly --- except --- for that stinkin' adorable attitude of hers.  She just thinks she is really something special when she gets her summer shave.

Remarkable what a difference a little confidence makes, isn't it?