Friday, November 22, 2013


Closing a chapter is never easy.  Today I ponder how I will make the transition from transient living to permanency in a small community. 

I’m thinking about everything I will lose in the process: the exhilaration of arriving at a new location, the confidence-building exercise of driving the coach, and the interest from others when I describe my workamper lifestyle.

Transitions, we all have them. 

My transition from road warrior to next door neighbor is no different. It requires effort, deliberate effort applied to unwanted tasks like finding a new home, abandoning the motor coach, and dealing with snow. I need big motivation to see this transition through. 

I need a community.

In my years on the road I’ve made friends that live across the country and around the world. Even though I can IM them anytime, knowing that I may never see them again is heartbreaking and lonely. I can’t keep building this virtual community. I want a real one.

Deep down I think we all want a real one. I know that we all need one.  Communities are the key to getting through the bad stuff of life, and celebrating the good. They hold us accountable, and hone us into better humans. They are transition triage.

I can’t help feeling sad for what I have to leave behind. But I can’t be tethered to the comforts of this life that I’ve outgrown. I must reach for the future. . . again.