Monday, December 13, 2010

Living the Dream

Upon arrival in Phoenix -- Ice still on the Coach roof!

I'm back!  Just re-read my last post. Yikes!!  Some days just don't go well, and that was one of them.  Sorry to leave you hanging in such a awkward part of the story.

But now, "for the rest of the story" . . . . .

First of all, on that day, I woke up to the reality of my coach life -- that there are some things that are just not comfortable about it. Sleeping in it in temperatures that are lower than I prepared for or expected is one of them.  Another is preparing to spend the winter in it in a cold climate -- definitely not comfortable to even consider . . . but consider it I did! 

And then there was the whole, "Ok, I got the RV, and I was actually able to drive it somewhere, and load a car on a car caddy, and pull that behind it." ------ Now what???

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, and relatives to visit up and down the front range of Colorado, and visitors coming from Maine to share some of that experience with me, I became frozen with a multitude of options, possibilities, and winter scenarios to consider.

And then of course there was the change in romantic status to contend with.  That always throws a wrench into things, doesn't it?  :)

Anyway, as usual, with a little thought and action on my part, life began to fall in place. I feasted with my family, moved the coach back down to warmer climates (for the moment), and hopped on a plane to Florida. 

I realized that this "Coach life" is my dream. Just because I have been able to do something that I enjoy doesn't mean that it will be easy every day.  Nor would I want it to be. 

Doing something new and different is fun. But it also requires learning, and growing, and figuring out what I didn't know I wasn't going to know and finding out how to learn it, and then adjusting the plan. Continually adjusting. And adjusting once more.

You caught me in a moment of adjustment. There will be more, I guarantee it.  Are you ready?