Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where AM I???

For the past several weeks I have been receiving emails from Verizon regarding the addition of the iPhone to their product line. As soon as I replied with an affirmative interest, they re-replied with instructions on how to prepare for my new gadget --- download this, backup that, open a new account with Apple – and of course, be sure to have my credit card ready.  Jeez, you’d think that I was considering taking on an entire new identity.

My computer is nearly 7 years old, a dinosaur by today’s standards. My phone is over 3 years old, and I still am only in the preliminary stages of learning and using the new texting language threatening the literacy of our future generations. 

So, knowing that it’s essential to keep up with this new technology in order to function in today’s business world, I have been considering my upgrading options.

I saw a bright, shinny new Apple store in the Scottsdale Mall at Christmas time.  I knew that that would be a good place to research and explore on my next trip south. I’ve reviewed the computer models at office products stores, and of course Costco. And, I’ve done some internet shopping as well.


Smack dab in the middle of downtown Ignacio, capital of the Southern Ute Indian Reservation I have found a technology meca!

How carefully we have been lulled into the world of smaller, lighter, faster gadgets.  The latest and greatest are being marketed to us one by one via personalized emails and guarantees that if we don’t act now, we may be forever lost in time.

In just a few short years that iPhone will also be a dinosaur, just like the lettering on this building. 

My computer does everything I need it to.  I’ve been taking a website development class that has tested my abilities to comprehend codes and technological languages so much that I’ve wondered about my ability to learn new information past the age of 50.

I think I can wait just a little longer before I take my next steps into wireless bliss.

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