Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Trtl Travel Pillow: It's the Best Travel Pillow which isn't a Pillow At All!

I’ve tried various brands and types of travel pillows ---from the inflatable kind that you have to inflate prior to every flight to the squishy bulky kind that is less than inconvenient to keep clean and available during your travel day. But, the first time I tried the Trtl travel pillow I knew my search was over.

Think about it. How much does your head weigh? Most estimates say about 10 pounds. That explains why my neck is so sore after I sleep on an airplane. Ten minutes into my nap my neck muscles relax and forget their job of keeping that 10-pound noggin of mine in place. That’s when the painful snap of total relaxation sends a shooting pain down the base of my neck and instantly wakes me from my resting experience.s

What is the best way to sleep on the plane? In first class of course. But even if you do splurge and buy a first class seat, you’ll still need to figure out how to keep your head and neck aligned for rest and comfort. You’ll need a pillow of some sort.

The airlines do provide pillows in some cases – like in every first class seat, and scattered on seats throughout the main cabin. But these pillows are best used for cushioning elbows in between seat rather than tucked in the curve of your neck. 

The best travel pillow hands down is the Trtl Pillow. This light-weight, collapsible “pillow” combines the convenient packing feature of an inflatable travel pillow with the softness of the squishy bulking kind and get this, it isn’t even a pillow at all. 

It is a lightweight scarf with a built-in pliable plastic frame, an ingenious design that cradles your chin and supports your neck. This combination keeps your 10-pound head in place and eliminates the jerking sensation caused when you hit the point of total relaxation. The scarf (with a Velcro strip at the end) holds the frame in place and keeps your neck at an even and comfortable temperature.

I used it the first time on an 8-hour overseas flight and experienced the best sleep ever! It works just as well on short trips. I love the rejuvenating rest I get with this little tool tucked into my carry-on bag.

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